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Paternity Testing Van Nuys CA is part of the DNA Paternity Testing Network. As mentioned, DNA Paternity Testing Labs is affiliated with Labcorp, the #1 DNA Laboratory in the United States. This coalition exists so that smaller, local labs can provide testing across the nation.

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At DNA Paternity Testing Labs, we use the best medical laboratories in the industry to provide the most accurate results. If needed, we can also refer you for legal counsel or a physician referral. Lastly, if you need a local medical clinic please ask your counselor for assistance. Because we are a network, Paternity Testing Van Nuys CA can accommodate if the child or the alleged father lives outside of the Van Nuys California area or in another state. Please, feel comfortable tell your counselor about this or any other extenuating circumstances.

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15211 Vanowen St #319, Van Nuys, California

As you know, Van Nuys is a neighborhood in the central San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles, California. And as of the 2010 census Van Nuys had 103,770 residents in the 8.99-square-mile Van Nuys neighborhood – or 11,542 people per square mile, about an average population density for the city. In 2008, the city estimated that the population had increased to 110,747. There were 4,917 families headed by single parents, or 21.3% considered high for both the city and the county. As a result, the amount of unmarried mothers makes it extremely relevant to provide DNA Paternity Testing in the Van Nuys area. Although we are located in Van Nuys, this location serves Panorama City CA, North Hills CA, Sun Valley CA, Lake Balboa CA, Valley Glen CA, Sherman Oaks CA, and other surrounding areas.

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“Why establish DNA Paternity in California?”

Paternity testing is conducted to determine if a man is the biological father of an individual. Therefore having a paternity test is a way of naming the father legally when the parents are not married. While there are several different ways to establish paternity, DNA testing is now the most accurate and popular method. In addition, a DNA paternity test is the only method admissible in California’s courts.

There are many reasons mothers and fathers choose to have a DNA paternity test in California. If parents are unmarried, paternity testing can resolve questions from curiosity to financial or legal disputes. Though you may be sure of the parentage of your child, state aid programs, insurance companies, and social security might have questions. Determining paternity also is necessary to give children access to family medical histories. This will be important when the child becomes enrolled in schools. Most school systems need information about potential genetic diseases from both the mother and the father’s families. Please note, you need to have a legal test performed to complete any state or federally related paperwork.

How does a Peace of Mind test work?”

Our peace of mind test is an at home kit. You can actually purchase it directly from our website! We ship it your address and you perform the test yourself. The best part about a peace of mind test is you label the envelopes how you would like. For instance, if you do not want your child’s name on the results, mark the envelope daughter, son or child. However, we ask that you please give us at least one name so we know who to call when the results are ready. If you order it online, we ask you to use the name on the shipping information.

The test itself is not that hard to administer. There are three envelopes in the standard it: Alleged Father, Child, and Mother. If you didn’t ask to have the mother tested, please discard this envelope. The back of the envelopes have directions on how to complete the test.

But here’s quick overview:
  • Open the envelope respective to the individual (Alleged Father, Child, or Mother).
  • Open the swabs without touching the prickly end.
  • Insert the first swab into the right cheek, prickly end first. Rub it firmly against the inner cheek kind of like you’re using a toothbrush on your cheek. Hold it in the air for 30 seconds to dry.
  • Repeat the process with the second swab on the inner left cheek.
  • Place the two swabs back into the envelope and label the envelope.

In short, there will be two swabs per person. If you have multiple children or multiple alleged father’s being tested please make sure you place the samples in separate envelopes. We urge you not to touch the swabs of two different individuals together at any time. Doing this, you could jeopardize results or make the samples hard to read. If you do not have the right amount of envelopes, please call and tell us so we can get you what you need. We want to help!

What if the baby isn’t born yet?

While the mother is pregnant, we can test for paternity with no harm to the baby. We refer to that as a Prenatal Paternity Test. In these cases, we test the mother via a blood draw and the father via a saliva sample (buccal swab). Not too scary! The blood draw is from the inner elbow just like all the other hormone tests the mother gets while she is pregnant. From her blood, we extract the alpha-feto-protein which is a segment of the baby’s DNA. This segment gives us the same information as if we were testing the baby itself. The only catch is the mother has to be at least 10 weeks pregnant for this process to work.

Give us a call, and start the process of getting the results you need today!

Paternity Testing Van Nuys CA wants both the mother and father to know:

Establishing paternity creates a legal relationship between a father and a child. As a results, multiple benefits come from establishing paternity.

  • A sense of belonging. The child will be able to know both sides of their family.
  • Doctors will appreciate having for the mother and father’s medical history.
  • If applicable, the child will be eligible for government benefits (social security or veteran’s dependent benefits) from both parents.
  • The child can obtain medical insurance through either parent.
  • Both parents can list the child as the beneficiary of life insurance policies, shareholdings, and/or other bank accounts.
  • In the future, Colleges will grant financial aid based on both parents.
  • Both parents get the right to see their child.
  • Courts decide who gets to list the child as their dependent on taxes.
  • Child support is available.

Because parentage is established legally, California’s State government provides these benefits and more to the child. For more information, visit California State Department of Social and Health Services.

How a DNA Test is performed at Paternity Testing Van Nuys California


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